Elizabeth Price, 15-19 June 2010

A week of screenings and events with artist Elizabeth Price. Working primarily with digital video and reprographic media, Price reformulates and re-inscribes collections and archives using artefacts drawn from the debris of modernism, popular culture, consumerism and science-fiction. During 2010/11, Price exhibited in the British Art Show and developed a major new commission with Film London. She won the Turner Prize in 2012.

Pavilion screened WELCOME (The Atrium) and USER GROUP DISCO (The Hall of Sculptures) The works form part of The New Ruined Institute, an ongoing series in which each episode unfolds a different room within a fictional museum. The screenings took place at Pavilion's former gallery (7 Saw Mill Yard, Leeds)

On June 15 2010, Price was in conversation with cultural theorist, Eric Prenowitz. The discussion centred on the ideas that informed The New Ruined Institute and her work in progress West Hinder. As part of the event Price read excerpts from the script of West Hinder, a collage of text lifted directly from the press releases used to sell the luxury cars. The event took place at 42 New Briggate, Leeds.

On June 17, Price introduced a selection of films by Kenneth Anger, Jean Painleve, Alain Resnais & Chris Marker, that directly informed the visual formulation of West Hinder and The New Ruined Institute. The screening took place at the Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds.