Simon Critchley & Will Holder, 15-16 Nov 2010

A two-evening event with eminent philosopher Simon Critchley and writer and designer Will Holder.

On the first evening, Simon Critchley gave a lecture on his recent thinking which proposes a "faith of the faithless, a belief for non-believers that insists that the utopian impulse in political thinking is not dead." Critchley discussed the notion of 'supreme fiction' and whether the category of fiction can be mobilised politically.

On the second evening, Alice Notley's Doctor Williams' Heiresses was read by Will Holder. In this 1980 lecture, the American poet - regarding herself as descendent of a self-constructed modernist lineage - notes that she would not have found her female voice without her deceased grandfather's written consent. In recognition of his own position, Holder reproduced and circulated this material, for it to get off the page, literally and figuratively.