Robin Mackay, 26 June 2012

Pavilion presented a talk by philosopher Robin Mackay, looking at the phenomenon of 'Non-Philosophy' in the work of Pamela Rosenkranz. Mackay elucidated the 'Non-Philosophical' manner in which he proposes Rosenkranz's work deals with different notions of the Sublime. In turn, the possibility of discerning a 'non-art' or a 'Non-Philosophical' art was posed for consideration.

Francois Laruelle (b.1937) is a thinker whose 'Non-Philosophical' writing looks askance at and conducts a science of philosophy itself. Laruelle's work cannot be read as a 'next big thing' in Continental philosophy - it in no way aims to supersede, but rather instigates a radically alternate perspective. Laruelle is formerly of the College International de Philosophie and the University of Paris X: Nanterre.

Pamela Rosenkranz (b. 1979) makes sculptural and 2-dimensional work that treats artistic subjectivity and aesthetic tradition as a 'material' with which she stringently avoids 'meaningful' participation. Recent shows include Because they try to bore holes at Miguel Abreu, Positions on conceptual art at Rddiger Schottle and This is not my colour at the Swiss Institute.

Robin Mackay is director of Urbanomic, which promotes research activities addressing crucial issues in philosophy and science and their relation to contemporary art practice. Mackay is editor of Urbanomic's publication Collapse: Journal of Philosophical Research and Development, each volume of which brings together philosophers, thinkers from other disciplines and contemporary artists. His research interests focus on the 'gap' between scientific knowledge and human spontaneous self-understanding, and the aesthetic and political ramifications of philosophical positions that attempt to resolve this disparity.