The Planter's Art, 25 February 2013

In this informal screening and talk, artist and curator George Clark discussed topics related to his new film project To The Distant Observer which explores ideas of perspective, categorisation and interpretation in cinema and history. Drawing from his research into film archives in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, Clark presented and discussed a diverse range of subjects from the 16mm Kodachome films of Californian gardener Albert Wilson, the history of bird watching and illustration in colonial Hong Kong and the visionary 1980 Pompidou exhibition Maps and Figures of the Earth/Cartes et figures de la Terre that explored maps as "instruments of travel and discovery, as well as sophisticated tools to dream." The talk drew on the writings of Jorge Luis-Borges and Gilles Deleuze and the work of South American emigre filmmakers in Paris such as Raul Ruiz and David Lemelas including a screening of his 16mm film Paris 1970

George Clark is an artist, curator and writer. He worked with Luke Fowler on the film The Poor Stockinger (2012) based on Marxist historian E.P. Thompson's experiences in Yorkshire between 1946-65. Together with Beatrice Gibson he co-wrote the script for The Future's Getting Old Like the Rest of Us (2010). He was one of the curators of the 6th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival (2012) and curated the Lav Diaz focus at the AV Festival (2012) Other projects include INFERMENTAL (Focal POint Gallery, 2010) with Dan Kidner & James Richards and No Waver: New York 1976-1982 (Glasgow Film Festival, 2011)

  • The Planter's Art, 25 February 2013
    Michael Druks, "Druksland" from Flexible Geography 1974, from the exhibition catalogue for Cartes et Figures de la Terre, Paris, Pompidou Centre 1980