One must force the frozen circumstances to dance by singing to them their own melody, 29 September 2013

Artist Cara Tolmie reworked two solo performances of sounds and movement, each exploring the delineation of space in relation to language, into a unique event commissioned by Pavilion for the Recon festival.

Myriad Mouth Line presents us with three gestures: of a body, a voice, and an explanation. Alternating between rehearsed and improvised 'frames' the performance investigates a postulated space of the artists's own invention through voice, poetic text, peculiar dance and analysis. The End is a Tumultuous Noise is a performance that continually refers back to the mytho-poetic text that forms one half of the work. Alongside this, a vocal performance uses a loop pedal to layer a multitude of harmonies whilst the artist walks continuously in a circle. At this event, a pre-recorded 'connector' brought the two discrete performances into a complete whole, in an attempt to make the structure of Tolmie's practice visible. The performance was followed by a discussion between Tolmie and Pavilion producer, Linzi Stauvers.