Eyebright Place, 5 December 2013

It is not easy for anyone acquainted with Leeds in Yorkshire at the present time to imagine the resort of invalids, seeking restored health from the use of its waters. Yet suppose it is far enough distant from coal fields and manufacturers, its river clear as formerly, stored with trout and not unknown to salmon, and running its course between meadows instead of mills. (D.H. Atkinson Ralph Thoresby, the Topographer: His Town and Times, Volume 1)

A presentation inspired by the installation site for Melvin Moti's Hyperspace, a former 19th century bathhouse and medieval chalybeate spring. The mythical eyebright waters, named after an ancient healing well, were used to alleviate eye diseases. It is among numerous spa, wells and spring sites in Leeds, which the presentation signposted. The event included contributions from the Pavilion team alongside University of Leeds researcher, Rachael Johnson.

Running order:
Reading from the introduction to K.J. Bonser's Spas Wells and Springs of Leeds, 1974 by Will Rose
Rachael Johnson, mineral waters as medicinal treatment
Mapping exercise: spas, wells and springs of Leeds
Louise Herve and Chloe Maillet, A Treatise on Baths
Gill Park, bath-houses and retreat
Linzi Stauvers, Eyebright
Anna Reid, Epilogue

  • Eyebright Place, 5 December 2013