Leeds–United!, 8 June 2014

In collaboration with curator Amy Charlesworth, Pavilion presented a screening of Leeds–United!, produced in 1974 as a BBC Play for Today that depicts an industrial dispute in the Leeds clothing trade.

Leeds–United! reconstructs a 1970 strike in which 30,000 workers, mostly women, came out for a gender-equal shilling-per-hour increase, but were controversially undermined by their own union. Written by Colin Welland, directed by Roy Battersby and featuring Lynne Perrie, Elizabeth Spriggs and Lori Wells, the film was praised for its use of Leeds locations and its handling of crowd scenes involving hundreds of locals, including many of the 1970 strikers.

The screening was programmed as part of an ongoing project with Justice for Domestic Workers, a self-organised group of migrant domestic workers who campaign for their rights and welfare in the UK. In 2013 the London-based group extended its activity to Leeds.

The event formed part of the Hannah Festival and included an introduction by the curators and representatives from Justice for Domestic Workers. It was supported by the BBC, Colin Welland and Hyde Park Picture House, as part of the cinema's centenary celebrations.