Workers of the World, Who Washes your Socks?, 14 June 2015

A screening programme examining questions of gender, work and migration, presented by Pavilion and Justice for Domestic Workers Leeds. The event was programmed in collaboration with Amy Charlesworth (Open University)

Martha Rosler The East Is Red, The West Is Bending (1977)
Cine Mujer And What Does Your Mother Do? (1981)
Domestic Workers Netherlands with Matthijs de Bruijne I will not ask anything of you, and you will not ask anything of me (2012)
Lai Ngan Walsh Who Takes The Rap? (1986)

The event was introduced by Noni and Aisha, members of Justice for Domestic Workers. It was screened as part of the Hannah Directory launch week. It was supported by Cinenova.

Justice for Domestic Workers is a self-help grassroots organisation made up of migrant Domestic Workers from around the world, established on March 15, 2009. The group empowers migrant domestic workers in the UK to stand up and voice their opposition to any discrimination, inequality, slavery and all forms of abuse. In 2013 the organisation set up a local group based in Leeds. Its members are currently engaged in a set of workshops in collaboration with Leeds Animation Workshop, leading towards the production of a new film to be realised in October 2015. J4DW Leeds is supported by Open University, Pavilion and The Showroom and funded by Leeds Innovation Fund and Leeds for Change.

  • Workers of the World, Who Washes your Socks?, 14 June 2015