Images and Journeys, 17 January 2016

Presented in collaboration with Meeting Point Leeds, Hyde Park Picture House and Leeds Industrial Museum this is the last in a four-part screening programme exploring the image of journeying and the journeying of the image in the 21st century, at a moment of heightened public attention to the migrant image. Inspired by notions of ‘emergency cinema’ the series aims to confront the place of culture in a state of emergency. The screenings are programmed in collaboration with Amy Charlesworth (Open University)

Selected Films:

Lis Rhodes Running Light (1996)
John Smith Dirty Pictures (2007 )
Sue Clayton Hamedullah: The Road Home (2012)
Rosalind Nashashibi Electrical Gaza (2015)

At: Hyde Park Picture House, 1-3pm
The event is ticketed on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. Donations will support projects working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Supported by Film Hub North, led by Showroom Workstation. Proud to be part of the BFI Film Audience Network.