Now there, I make a comma, 27 June 2016

Now there, I make a comma, and there, where a more decided turn is proper, I make a colon; at another part, where an interruption is desirable to break the view, a parenthesis; now a full stop, and then I begin another subject.
–Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown

The New Arcadian Journal is a unique, limited edition, fine press book edited by Dr Patrick Eyres. It investigates the cultural politics of historical landscapes and the resonance of garden works by contemporary artists. Titled Yorkshire Capabilities, the 2016 edition of the journal explores the Yorkshire landscapes designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown (1716-1783) and is a contribution to the Capability Brown Festival 2016 that commemorates Brown’s 300th birthday. The work includes illustrations by artists Gustav Metzger, Amelia Crouch, Ruth Lyons, Giles Bailey, Ellen Burroughs, Miriam Thorpe, Carol Sorhaindo and Simon Warner who were all involved in Pavilion’s 2015 project The Follies of Youth.

This launch event will include introductions by Patrick Eyres and Linzi Stauvers (Pavilion), an opportunity to view past editions of The NAJ and a screening of four artist films:

William Raban, Breath, 1974, 15 mins
Derek Jarman, Journey to Avebury, 1971, 10 mins
Anthony McCall, Landscape for Fire, 1972, 7 mins
Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson, Swamp, 1971, 6 mins

27 June, 6-8pm
The Leeds Library, 18 Commercial Street, LS1 6AL

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  • Now there, I make a comma, 27 June 2016