Tools for Conviviality, 21 May 2018

“… you don't work with the community when you are the community.”

Over the coming months, Pavilion in collaboration with artist/curator George Clark and Indonesian arts collective Jatiwangi Art Factory (JaF), are initiating a series of commissioning, exchange and residency opportunities between Yorkshire and West Java.

The collaboration centres around Village Video Festival, a project JaF have been running annually since 2009 in the rural-urban area where they live and work. Taking place over two-weeks, the festival model engages artists and the local community in the production and presentation of videos.

This screening and discussion will introduce the Village Video Festival model and compare it to other examples of socially engaged moving image projects.

With contributions from Ismal Muntaha and Bunga Siagian from Jatiwangi Art Factory, artist/curator George Clark, media archivist Alex Wilson and Pavilion.

This collaboration is kindly supported by the British Council.

21 May, 6–7.30pm
Main Hall
Swarthmore Education Centre
2–7 Woodhouse Square

Free or pay as you feel (donate to Pavilion)
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  • Tools for Conviviality, 21 May 2018