Leeds Art Walk, 6 March 2019

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March’s Leeds Art Walk features a preview of Leeds Arts University’s new exhibition, Yoko Ono at Leeds, paired with a one-off screening of Jonas Mekas’ 16mm film, Zefiro Torna, the Life Of George Maciunas.

Chief proponent of the Fluxus movement, Yoko Ono is known for her performance and instruction-based artworks. In 1966 she performed at the former Leeds College of Art's Vernon Street building. Yoko Ono at Leeds focuses on a selection of her interactive installations and political open calls.

Zefiro Torna, the Life Of George Maciunas (1992, 34 min) is Jonas Mekas’ intimate portrait of George Maciunas, founder and coordinator of Fluxus. Bringing together material shot between 1952 and 1978, the film records Maciunas and his community (including Ono) at work and play, as well as the days prior to his early death from illness in 1978.

5.30pm: Exhibition: Yoko Ono at Leeds at Leeds Arts University, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AQ

6.15pm: Screening: Zefiro Torna, the Life Of George Maciunas by Jonas Mekas at Pavilion, 42 Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU

Booking is advised. Register your place.

Leeds Art Walk takes place on the first Wednesday of every month and is open to all. Places this month are limited.

Accessibility information for: Leeds Arts University and Pavilion.
Image: Still from Zefiro Torna, the Life Of George Maciunas, Jonas Mekas, 1992.