Re-shift, Re-calibrate
Curated by Myriam Mouflih
10–17 August 2020, Online

Part One →

10—12 Aug

Samra Mayanja
Touda Bouanani

Part Two →

11—13 Aug

Geoff Clout
Joe Namy
David Steans

Part Three →

12—14 Aug

Amelia Crouch
Jack Pell
Tabita Rezaire
James Thompson

Part Four →

13—15 Aug

Sophie Chapman
& Kerri Jefferis
Rhian Cooke
Karrabing Film Collective

Part Five →

14—16 Aug

Bethan Hughes
Evan Ifekoya
& SJ Rahatoka
Joanne Lee

Part Six →

15—17 Aug

Jenny Handley
Basim Magdy

Re-shift, Re-calibrate was born from a feeling of restlessness. Originally intended as a weekend long event of screenings and discussions, the programme is now online and shifted in form. The original intention remains the same – to bring work from Pavilion’s Artists’ Moving Image Network in dialogue with other artists and their practices. I hope this work can help to battle the feeling of sitting in the same chair for too long, looking at the same surroundings, and transport you to other localities or temporalities, at least for a short while.

There’s nothing I can say about living through this year that hasn’t already been said better by other people, and it would be futile to try and summarise an experience that has been wildly different for everyone. That being said, in the last few months, I’ve been so appreciative of online space that has allowed me to have a different experience of art and learn new things through the generosity of other people’s time.

I’ve been thinking about art’s potential to act as a salve, a provocation, a comfort – whilst acknowledging what feels like a universal limited capacity to absorb this. Oversaturation sits beside the pressure to see work before it disappears again, and I’ve been trying to shift the rhythms of daily life around to incorporate art into my routine in the various ways that are available in this moment.

In Re-shift, Re-Calibrate, moving image work spanning a variety of lengths, form and content rub up against each other, articulating different perspectives, dreaming of new futures, meditating on the present.

The programme is an offering – take what you need and engage as much or as little as you like. Each programme is very loosely themed and open to interpretation, but I’ve been thinking of each one as a different phase, a conduit for shifting energies. Audio accompaniments have been put together to be enjoyed alongside or totally separate to the work. You might choose to walk whilst listening, maybe when you wake up, maybe when you’re cooking dinner or before you go to sleep, a rest for tired eyes. Poetry, music, discussion – selected with care and attention.

I’m really grateful to have spent the last few months with the work in this programme and thankful to the artists involved for their generosity in sharing it. Thanks to Baile at Sable Radio and thanks too to Will from Pavilion for consistent problem solving, creativity and patience.
— Myriam Mouflih

Each day from 10–15 August a new group of films will be posted on Pavilion’s website. Each programme will be available to watch at any time for 3-days.

Audio accompaniments produced in collaboration with Sable Radio will compliment each programme.

Myriam Mouflih is a curator, programmer and writer born in Casablanca, Morocco and based in Glasgow. Her main area of research is artists moving image from the African continent and the diaspora. She is on the programming team for Africa in Motion Film Festival and Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival. Myriam was nominated by Herb Shellenberger, who curated Pavilion’s Artists’ Moving Image Network Screening Weekend in 2019.

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