Artists’ Moving Image Network (AMIN)

Started in 2018, AMIN is a critical forum for artists, programmers and researchers with an invested interest in artists’ moving image.

Every fortnight we convene online to watch and discuss moving image work by group members, alongside contemporary and historical work by international artists.

The informal meetings are a chance to connect with peers, receive feedback on your work, and develop your moving image practice.

AMIN is free and open to all. Although our initial focus was on those living and working West Yorkshire, moving online has enabled us to connect with people across the UK. When coronavirus restrictions ease, we will continue to offer online access to meetings, alongside returning to meeting in person at Pavilion’s space in Leeds.

Meetings are led by Pavilion Director Will Rose.
To attend email

In addition to providing a critical forum, AMIN also hosts an annual, guest curated, public screening programme that aims to create a dialogue between the work of our members, and international artists and their practices.

AMIN Screening Weekend (2019) – Curated by Herb Shellenberger →
Re-Shift, Re-Calibrate (2020) – Curated by Myriam Mouflih →

Upcoming Online Meetings:
Wed 10 March 2021, 6–8pm
Wed 24 March 2021, 6–8pm
Wed 7 April 2021, 6–8pm

Past Meetings
Wed 24 February 2021 (online meeting)
Work presented by Jenny Handley
Additional work: Stephen Sutcliffe & Pipilotti Rist

Wed 10 February 2021 (online meeting)
Work presented by Jack Pell & Harlan Whittingham
Additional work: Kristin Lucas & Ben Russell

Wed 27 January 2021 (online meeting)
Work presented by Josh Hart
Additional work: John Sullivan

Wed 13 January 2021 (online meeting)
Work: William Raban and Robert Fenz

Wed 16 December 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by Simon Warner
Additional work: Jozef Rabokowski and Eve Heller

Wed 9 December 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by Catriona Gallagher
Additional work: Juan Soto

Wed 18 November 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by Kani Kamil & Harry Meadley

Wed 11 November 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Sarah Danaher and Geoff Clout
Additional work: Patrick Keiller

Wed 21 October 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Geraldine Snell and D’arcy Darilmaz
Additional work by Marjorie Keller

Wed 7 October 2020 (online meeting)
Work by: Luke Fowler and Maria Anastassiou from Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival
Guest: Peter. Taylor (Director, BFMAF)

Wed 4 August 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Clare Charnley and Lucy Clout
Additional work: Sarah Purcill, Steve Reinke

Wed 22 July 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Sarai Kirschner
Additional work: Chick Strand, Steve Reinke

Wed 8 July 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Amelia Crouch, Joe Whitmore
Additional work: Arthur Jafa/Kanye West

Wed 24 June 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: James Thompson, Harlan Whittingham
Additional work: Carolyn Lazard

Wed 10 June 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Rhian Cooke
Additional work: Media in Education Unit (Bradford)
Guests: Julia Parks & Kate Davis

Wed 27 May 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Samra Mayanja
Additional work: Steve Reinke
Guest: Jessica Ashman

Wed 13 May 2020 (online meeting)
Guest: Onyeka Igwe

Wed 6 May 2020 (online meeting)
Work by: Sohrab Hura and Steve Reinke
Guest: Ben Clay (Lupton Fawcett, discussing intellectual property and artists’ film) and Myriam Mouflih (discussing this year’s artists’ Moving Image Network showcase)

Wed 15 April 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Bethany Chamberlain
Additional work: Antfarm and Judith Goddard

Wed 1 April 2020 (online meeting)
Work presented by: Olive Sanderson
Additional work: Cauleen Smith and Adam Chodzko

Wed 19 February 2020
Work presented by: Harlan Whittingham, Douglas Dixon Barker and Marta Saccavino
Additional work: Noriko Nakamura and NASTYNASTY©
Guest: Channon Goodwin

Wed 22 January 2020
Work presented by: David Steans and Josh Hart
Additional work: Phil Solomon and Sulaiman Majali
Guest: Myriam Mouflih

Wed 18 December 2019
Work presented by: Clare Charnley, Janey Walklin and Pavilion
Guests: Polina Chizhova and James Stephen Wright

Wed 20 November 2019
Work presented by: Geoff Clout, Harry Meadley and Joshua Hart
Additional work: Brian Gothong Tan

Wed 23 October 2019
Work presented by: Sophie Chapman & Kerri Jefferis, Samra Mayanja and Bethany Chamberlain
Additional work: George Kuchar

25 September 2019
Work presented by: Harlan WhittinghamJames Thompson
Additional work: Stephen Sutcliffe, Boyle Family

17 July 2019
Work presented by: David Steans
Additional work: Mike Dibb
Guest: Ika Yuliana

19 June 2019
Work presented by: Harry Meadley, Leeds Animation Workshop
Guests: Ismal Muntaha, George Clark

22 May 2019
Work presented by: Joe Goff, D’arcy Darilmaz, Sophie Chapman & Kerri Jefferis

24 April 2019
Work presented by: David Steans, Bethan Hughes
Guest: Herb Shellenberger

20 March 2019
Work presented by: Geoff Clout, Rhian Cooke
Additional work: Stuart Marshall

13 February 2019
Work presented by: James Thompson
Additional work: William Greaves, Hollis Frampton/Joyce Weiland

23 January 2019
Work presented by: Harlan Whittingham, Janey Walklin, Joshua Hart
Additional work: Leslie Thornton

18 December 2018
Group collaboration with Jatiwangi Art Factory + work presented by Alistair Macdonald
Additional work: Leslie Thornton

19 November 2018
Work presented by: Harry Meadley, Peter Samson, Claire Hope
Additional work: Leslie Thornton
Guest: Stephen Sutcliffe

23 October 2018
Work presented: Janey Walklin, Stella Baraklianou
Additional work by: Leslie Thornton
Guest: Vanalyne Green, Mark Fell

19 September 2018
Work presented by: Geraldine Snell, Harlan Whittingham
Additional work: James Richards & Steve Reinke
Guest: Adam Pugh

25 July 2018
Work presented by: Claire Charnley, Helen Petts, James Thompson, Robert Wilson

19 June 2018
Work presented by: David Steans, Bethan Hughes, Will Rose

23 May 2018
Work presented by: Claire Hope, Harry Meadley, Simon Warner, Aiden Winterburn
Guests: George Clark, Ismal Muntaha & Bunga Siagian

 Online meeting, 27 January 2021

Ismal Muntaha at Pavilion, 19 June 2019

 Artists Moving Image Network Meeting featuring work by Vanalyne Green

Curator Herb Shellenberger at Pavilion, 2019

 Artists’ Moving Image Network featuring details from Read These Leaves, Bethan Hughes, 2017