Black Lives Matter Statement (9 June 2020)
Pavilion stands in solidarity with communities that suffer from racial inequality and with all those fighting for racial justice locally, nationally and internationally.

We recognise the need to actively and continuously participate in the stand against racism, and we recognise that we can do more.

We want Pavilion to be a place where people of colour feel safe and represented and not limited, and where anti-racism is embodied in how we make decisions, go about our work, serve our community and create culture.

We are committed to defining what it means to be an anti-racist organisation and clearly mandating that definition in the work we do and the ways we express our aims and objectives.

We ask that anyone who did not attend the Black Lives Matter Leeds online protest on 7 June please take the time to watch the archived broadcast. Access it here →

We encourage our audiences and community to donate to one of the following campaigns:

Racial Justice Network →
Black Lives Matter Leeds →

We have brought together a list of resources (moving image, reading and archives) that we have used to better understand race and racism, and which continue to inform and inspire our work. We will continue to add to this list in the hope that it is useful to others. Access it here →