Picture House Project

Kasper Feyrer

Pavilion and Hyde Park Picture House are working on a major new commission with Canadian artist Kaspar Feyrer.

Shot on 16mm film in Summer 2022, the work combines film shot inside the Hyde Park Picture House during redevelopment, original building plans of a social club built on the plot in 1907, and plans of the cinema itself from 1911 – which reused some of its architectural components.

Outside the Picture House, the film visits particular sites across Leeds to see what traces remain of Leeds’ significant historic relationship to cinema – from the site of Louis Le Prince’s first film in 1888 to where cinema projectors were produced in Harehills for decades, and used throughout the world, to the some 90+ cinemas that were once dotted around the city.

In Kasper’s film these different timeframes are compounded and cast back onto the space to be experienced by audiences in 2024.

The final work will be exhibited at Hyde Park Picture House in Autumn 2024 as part of their reopening programme. More information to follow.

Image: Inside the main auditorium at HPPH, 2021