Sunday 25 August & Tuesday 27 August 2019, 11am–8pm

West Yorkshire West Java Cooperative Movement invites you to meet, talk, and play music with Indonesian artists Tedi Nurmanto and Ahmad Sujai.

Over two days, 42 New Briggate will become a ‘Remang-Remang’ a functioning open studio and meeting place. Taking its name from the dimly lit rest areas common on the Pantura Road, the longest road in Indonesia, you are invited to call in at any time to meet the artists.

Tedi Nurmanto invites musicians of all disciplines to play together. Tedi is the music director of Jatiwangi Art Factory and plays a custom built electric guitar made from a ceramic roof file. His most recent musical project is Lair, a group inspired by classical tarling music explored in a typical Pantura style, raw and open to passing influences.

Ahmad Sujai invites people to share thoughts and stories of West Yorkshire to help him create a local response to the mythic figure of Jante Arkidam. First imagined in a famous 1967 poem by Ajip Rosidi, Jante is an archetypal man from Jatiwangi – a charismatic rogue continually evading capture by the authorities.

You are invited to stop by at any time on 25 August & 27 August, 11am–8pm.

42 New Briggate

If you would like to take part email

West Yorkshire West Java Cooperative Movement is an ongoing collaboration between Pavilion, Jatiwangi Art Factory and artist George Clark.

Kindly supported by the London Book Fair Fringe Programme through funding from BEKRAF (the Creative Economy Agency of Indonesia). Organised by the National Organising Committee of the 2019 London Book Fair (NOC-LBF) and Virtuago.

Kiser Kenamaan, Lair, 2019 Kiser Kenamaan, Lair, 2019  Anarchy, A Journal of Anarchist Ideas, Issue 70, Freedom Press