They Call Us Maids

Leeds Animation Workshop

They Call Us Maids: The Domestic Workers’ Story is a new animated film commissioned by Pavilion and produced by Leeds Animation Workshop (Jo Dunn and Terry Wragg), in collaboration with Justice for Domestic Workers Leeds. The film draws on the experiences of migrant domestic workers living in Leeds and across the UK who work in private homes, often for long hours and low pay. The film launched as part of the Yorkshire Short Film Competition at Hyde Park Picture House and has since toured to galleries and film festivals across the country. Justice for Domestic Workers is a self-help grassroots organisation, made up of multi-national migrant domestic workers. The group campaigns for domestic workers’ rights to be recognised by UK employment law. In 2013, Pavilion supported the group to set up a local group based in Leeds.

They Call Us Maids is distributed by Leeds Animation Workshop.

Leeds Animation Workshop is a non-profit cooperative company, which produces and distributes animated films and films that address social and educational issues. The Workshop specialises in making complex or sensitive issues more accessible to audiences, and at times offering an alternative point of view. The project benefited significantly from the production support of Amy Charlesworth (Open University) It was funded by Community First, Leeds Innovation Fund, Leeds for Change and MICE Money.

They Call Us Maids, Leeds Animation Workshop, 2015

They Call Us Maids, Leeds Animation Workshop, 2015